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Dr. Smoothie® Brands is a full line healthy beverage company manufacturing 100% Crushed™ whole fruit smoothie purees, coffeehouse style gourmet specialty beverages including mochas, chai, hot cocoa & more.

To round out our health line we manufacture vegan whole food meal supplements, nutrition bars, Smoothie-Ceuticals which are smoothie "add-ins", Amino Hydrate® sports hydration, Amino Repair® for sports injury healing and other collagen products.

Amino Hydrate sports hydration beverage, "a more natural way", contains collagen protein, electrolytes, targeted aminos & carbs to maximize the hydration effect.

Amino Repair, designed connective tissue & joints contains hydrolyzed collagen, hyaluronic acid and a synergistic blend of targeted aminos that nourishes ligaments, tendons & joints.

Give your body the nutrition it needs to perform at its highest level.

We are the proud sponsor of:

Wesley Cycle of Hope; Break the Cycle

Wesley Cycle of HopeThe Wesley Cycle of Hope is a bicycle journey in which a team of college age students will travel across the country from San Francisco to Virginia Beach in an effort to educate people about the misconceptions of homelessness and poverty and how we as a country can unite to fight this global issue that affects us all. We will be stopping in towns all across America as we talk with people in hopes of “Breaking the Cycle” of misconceptions and misunderstandings that leave us stagnant in the fight against these issues. The journey will span over two months, 3000 total miles, and 40 days with riders riding for 75 miles a day. As we travel the country, we will be camping (no hotels) so that we can put all funds raised towards our cause. We want to remove ourselves from our comfort zones so that we may better reach people and show how imperative it is that we love through action. We will be raising money and donating to two different organizations, both on a state level (Georgia) and on an international level. Both of these organizations deal with poverty and homelessness in a very direct and specific way. These organizations will effectively allocate these funds to help fight homelessness and poverty in their respective areas.

1.) The Humble Place (Uganda): an orphanage that puts children through school whose parents have died or who would otherwise not have the opportunity to be educated.

2.) Safe House Outreach (Atlanta): A homeless resource center that works directly with the homeless and working poor in order to get them back on their feet. Their motto is “Providing a hand up, not just a hand out.” They offer classes for job training and interviews, reconnecting separated families, provide meals, and countless other services.

Homelessness and poverty are issues that need to be truly understood by everyone so that we may better serve those around us. By buying into the stereotypes and misconceptions of homelessness and poverty, we as a society are rebuilding the cycle that holds millions of our brothers and sisters down…our wish is to BREAK THE CYCLE. Our hope is that we will be a traveling inspiration to people to go and love everyone in their community and do their part in an effort to better the life of those less fortunate than ourselves. We have a responsibility as humans to care for those around us…to serve and love everyone.

We cannot sit idly by while there are millions of people suffering every day. We must all take action, whether that means saying a nice word to someone who you might otherwise scowl at or taking your family to serve at your local soup kitchen. We can all find a way to serve. The power of change resides in our head and hearts; we must not let differences divide us any longer. Regardless of skin color, social status, smell or circumstances, we are people of worth and must break the lines that have divided us all for so long.

In the end, we hope that people will be well equipped to go out and love the world, even if it is a world that we may not always understand. Our goal is that people will realize that real change lies in the hands of every individual, and that love, which should be an action, begins in our own home towns. We can all take small steps towards making a big difference by making an effort to love those often passed over and forgotten. We are making the world a better place to live for everyone. We must not sit by and talk about change. We must be the embodiment of change. Please join in and help to make a difference.

A Few Statistics

  • Everyday there are 800 million people in the world who go hungry.
  • In 2007, 37.3 million people were in poverty in the US.
  • Research indicates that even mild under nutrition experienced by young children during critical periods of growth has an impact on the behavior of children, their school performance, and their overall cognitive development.
  • 40 % of adults who request food assistance are employed.
  • “The largest growth sector in homelessness is homeless families. Around half of these children are under the age of six.”
  • 44% of homeless participants have done paid work during the past month
  • 2% of homeless people are currently in employed full time.
  • 12% work part-time.
  • 77% of homeless people would like to be employed, and a vast majority of these homeless have worked in the past.

How you can help

1. We ask that you rethink and evaluate your understanding of the homeless and impoverished, to better know the truth about the situation.

2. Find local organizations that deal with these issues and volunteer your time.

3. Go to our website and look at the resource links, so that you can educate yourself about the issues at hand.

4. The Wesley cycle of Hope is completely funded by donations. All of the money that is contributed will be donated to The Humble Place and Safehouse Outreach. Any contribution that you can make, even it is one dollar, will help to fight homelessness and poverty and the cycles that surround it.

Break The Cycle!


Wesley Cycle of Hope in San Francisco  Cycle of Hope  Wesley Cycle of Hope

Cycle of Hope in Kansas  Wesley Cycle of Hope  Cycle of Hope



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